App Innovation Manager (Social)

StubHub San Francisco, CA

About the Job

THE OPPORTUNITY: Lead user-acquisition and expand StubHub app’s install base through campaigns across all social spaces (Facebook / Snap / Twitter) globally for StubHub. StubHub has experienced tremendous growth on mobile in 2018 and you will have the unique opportunity to grow social as a profitable acquisition channel to expand StubHub’s mobile footprint even more. You also have the unique opportunity to interact with multiple functional teams (IMS / Marketing Ops / Product / Studio / Analytics) at StubHub to learn and grow the channel as well as expand your career. LOCATION: Based in San Francisco, CA and will report into Channel Owner (App-Marketing). PRIMARY JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: You are expected to independently lead user-acquisition campaigns across the conversion funnel in the Social space for English speaking regions (US / UK / CA). Your primary responsibility will be growing the Social space into a viable and profitable user-acquisition channel with primary goals being increasing StubHub’s app-base with fans and live-event goers. You will work closely with colleagues across marketing to ensure that we’re maximizing the conversion happy-path across channels. You will work closely with analytics team to identify growth opportunities, assess performance and build an internal understanding of incrementality. You will evangelize the benefits of app across the organization and influence buy-in. EDUCATION, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE You will have at least 4-5 years of experience specializing in the Social & App space. You have proven experience in successfully delivering impact through Acquisition & Engagement campaigns in the Social space (Facebook / Instagram / Snap / Pinterest / Twitter). You will also have some experience in other marketing channels (esp. Search). Having first-hand experience (or good knowledge of) product & familiarity with Tableau / SQL is a huge plus. You can manage multiple stakeholder relationships across business & product teams effectively. You are excited about the app space, strongly believe in its value to drive loyalty & engagement, and can evangelize across all internal stakeholders. You are a very creative person. You love the social spaces and believe them to be a great acquisition platform. You are excited about the future of mobile. You take pride in being a self-starter. You are hands-on and know how stuff works under the hood. You are strong analytically, can self-serve reporting and back decisions through data. You are a structured thinker. You are excited about learning something new each day. You are committed to being a lifelong learner. You ask all the right questions and relentlessly pursue the answers.