Digital Content Manager

Entercom - Sports Greenville, SC

About the Job


You are a digital savant. The digital realm is where you live and play and at times...sleep. You speak fluent "web" and interface with it most of your waking moments. You are constantly thinking of new ways of using technology to communicate even when not communicating. Your creative thinking and design skills have been referred to as "delicious" and "tasty". You excel at solving technical challenges and know how to create compelling visual messages. You are a master of social media. You are a Digital Content Manager.
Entercom Greenville is searching for a dynamic, creative, self-motivated, talented Digital Manager to join our team. As the Digital Content Manager, you will work closely with the General Manager, Program, Promotions and Sales Managers in fulfilling sales and programming needs for all seven Entercom brands..
Great communication skills are a must, as your work will include client facing video shoots and meetings The ability to work in teams with a positive, solution-minded attitude is also essential. This position includes over watch and responsibility for scheduled and time sensitive content and production projects.
Although this position is primarily web based, the Digital Manager will work with many types of media including video content and creation. Experience with video, photo and audio editing, graphic design or general marketing is a plus.

  • Concept and design and implement digital assets; banner adds, take overs, flipper graphics, peal backs, rich media.
  • Create and maintain dynamic HTML and PHP code-based sites.
  • Work with the multiple departments on digital-based projects, including animated advertising and database management.
  • Serve as Website quality control monitor, make necessary updates, verify HTML, and ensure that all links stay active on web sites and microsites.
  • Perform quality control tests to improve the architecture of the site.
  • Create and maintain information-capturing web forms and databases.
  • Track traffic statistics of all web sites and microsites for internal report analyses.
  • Monitor results of station initiatives and programs (click-thru, avg. TSB, traffic analyses), frequently tracking for program adjustments as necessary.
  • Assist in design and creation and oversee execution of station mobile applications.
  • Provide training and technical support to company staff.
  • Work effectively in time sensitive situations. Meet tight deadlines and coordinate multiple talks simultaneously.
  • Take a leadership role in driving digital presence and vision.



  • 1-2 years Web Development and Design experience
  • Pro?ciency in web based applications and coding: Content Management Software (CMS) environment,
    Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS, RSS, JavaScript, and PHP
  • Proficiency in Social media platforms
  • Experience with shooting and editing videos
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • A team oriented attitude
  • Be detail oriented, problem solve, and maintain user friendly webpages.
  • Capable of utilizing all of the web's media possibilities: Flash animation, Java applications, streaming and downloadable video and image files, streaming and downloadable audio, etc.
  • Experience with Wordpress, creating Wordpress themes and Drupal.
  • A good attitude.