Entercom - Sports Costa Mesa, CA

About the Job


This position is a rare and highly respected one within the media industry. Jim Rome hosts a self-titled weekday sports talk radio program heard on more than 200 radio stations, and simulcast on both CBS Sports Network cable TV channel and Sirius/XM, and has a widespread digital presence online. The Producer collaborates closely with Jim Rome and a team of researchers and other producers each day to produce and create a three hour radio program comprised of the signature sound of declarative observations on the world of sports and the culture that surrounds this significant part of the American landscape. The Producer writes his or her own well researched and defined observations, meant to be shared in the voice of the program and heard by millions of Americans each day.

The Jim Rome Show is celebrating its 20 th year of national distribution via radio syndication. It's regarded within the industry as a pioneering effort in solo hosting a daily conversation with the audience. Today's radio program hosted by Jim Rome includes not only the audience relationship via radio and an accompanying podcast, but also a social media presence and regular appearances on CBS TV during the NFL season, amongst others. The Producer will participate in each of these mediums, being encouraged to provide regular input and collaboration on commentary, as well as interview questions and approaches to on-air conversations, working directly with and for Jim Rome in all media forms.

The Producer will be working in a studio environment with half a dozen other individuals, in a specially built out broadcast facility in Costa Mesa, CA. The work day starts before 6am and continues through a daily 9am to Noon pacific time zone broadcast, with subsequent follow up duties planning for the next days' broadcasts. There is frequent collaboration in the weeknight evenings, in the preparation of interviews and breaking news in the world of sports.


The qualified individual for this position should have strong writing skills, a top level knowledge of sports leagues, conferences and players, and a writing cadence as a regular course of professional habit. He or she should possess a superior knowledge of both the professional major sports as well as collegiate sports, as well. Experience in a collaborative writing environment is a very helpful work experience trait. Writing in a first person, expression filled descriptive language manner that echoes the tone of the program and the relationship that exists between the host and his audience is also most helpful.

The individual should have the interest and time to observe live sports broadcasts, so as to witness the events that many of our listeners do, as well as maintain a high intake of information received through other broadcasts and social media.
Must provide writing samples from the current work experience that exists.