Broadcast Engineer

MLB Advanced Media New York, NY

About the Job

The MLB Broadcast Engineer is involved with the planning, procurement, installation, testing, evaluations and life-cycle support for new and existing multimedia broadcast systems. Coverage will include hardware and software located in datacenters in New York, and Ballparks around the US and Canada. The candidate should possess in-depth knowledge of video matrix routers, audio and video broadcast systems, as well as knowledge of integrated multimedia control systems and functional understanding of IP networks. An engineer filling this position will work closely with vendors, other internal groups, and contractors to integrate and support broadcast systems.


  • Provide operational support for Replay Operations, acquisition, and Network Administration departments.
  • Install, test, document, modify and repair hardware and software related to video and network devices.
  • Review all nightly engineering reports and process requests for follow up support.
  • Coordinate with, and assist Ballpark Operations team to troubleshoot MLB broadcast related hardware and software.
  • Provide support of video transmission systems, including IP and ASI encoding, decoding, and other broadcast transmission related hardware.
  • Proactively monitor, analyze and rectify technical faults in a variety of broadcast and broadcast related IP systems.
  • Assist with testing and evaluating equipment for future projects.
  • Perform initial setup of relevant broadcast systems, including network and software configurations.
  • Distribute operating documents and other design information to consumers and operators of systems in a timely manner.
  • Support and assist in integration of broadcast system updates at remote locations.
  • Perform regular sweeps of facilities to document errors as found and notify the system owners of faults found with their equipment.
  • Work directly with engineers from other internal departments and vendors to resolve interoperability and functionality issues.
  • Plan for and execute regular maintenance and upgrades of broadcast systems during maintenance windows.
  • Create network port and firewall requests to facilitate the addition of new equipment in our facilities.
  • Provide regular status and system update reports to management.
  • Perform routine backups of system configurations and logs. 

  • Experience with Evertz, Ross, Sencore, Grass Valley, S-A-M, Tektronics, and other Broadcast hardware manufacturers.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of video backhaul and distribution technologies.
  • Regular weekend and overnight availability for on-call support.
  • Ability to travel to remote sites, Domestic and International, as needed (20-40% travel)
  • Understanding of networking topology, and OSI Model.
  • Competence with Mac/Windows/Linux Operating Systems. Ability to perform operating system installs and initial setup a plus.
  • Experience with configuring equipment via serial, BIOS, ILOM, IDRAC, CIMC and TCP/IP.
  • Ability to manufacture and troubleshoot cables for audio, video, network, and serial to industry standards.
  • Ability to read schematic and topology drawings.
  • Ability to generate basic signal flow diagrams required. Experience with Omnigraffle, Visio, or CAD a plus.
  • Understanding of ASI and IP Video Transport technologies preferred
  • Lifting of heavy objects up to 50 lbs.

  • Experience with Wireshark, or other packet and transport stream analyzers.
  • Experience with video encoding and assorted CODECs.
  • Programming/scripting experience is highly desirable, but not required.